‘Third Stream ! A term coined by Gunther Schuller (composer and music connoisseur) used to define a new music genre created by composers such as George Gershwin, Bill Evans, Coltrane, Miles Davis, and many others.

It was neither popular nor classical music, he stated!

The term “Third Stream” is more than adequate to describe this amazing quintet!… a variety of rhythms, new harmonies, and above all, a face, a taste and an aroma of Brazil throughout their music.

I say this with confidence: their music will invade the hearts of all music lovers, and moreover, stay in their hearts forever…

It is certainly a new way of living, revolutionising and revering our Brazilian sounds.’

– Edu Lobo –

lea freire

Léa Freire [flute]

Tiago Costa [piano]


Teco Cardoso [flute and sax]

Fernando Demarco [bass]

Edu Ribeiro [drum]

Mônica Salmaso [voice]