“…This band is gig-ready, festival-ready, the real deal…”

London Jazz News – Sebastian Scotney

“These guys are so organic, the group is amazing, they all think so much alike. Just beautiful !!”

“a strong reminder of a Brazil that so many wish for, including myself ”

“pure Brazilian Chamber Music“

Egberto Gismonti

“This music will invade people’s hearts forever“

Edu Lobo

“Vento em Madeira is a quintet of brilliant, creative musicians from São Paulo, playing an all-original repertoire, mostly written by the amazing Lea Freire. A hidden Brazilian treasure to be discovered.”


“Last night I took a couple of friends to listen to the Vento em Madeira Quintet in the upbeat music venue Casa Do Núcleo . On the way out, my Californian friends euphorically said they could never have imagined hearing such excellent and creative musicians in such a relaxed and cozy place.
Well , I did not expect another reaction.
This quintet is still one of the hidden treasures to be discovered in the São Paulo music scene!”

Brazilian music critic Carlos Calado – Folha de São Paulo newspaper

“…I like to classify this quintet as music from higher spheres …”

“…five outstanding musicians creating complex music, but at the same time fluent and cheerful …”

Juarez Fonseca – Porto Alegre State – Zero Hora (music critic)